RAPD list?

deustachio at mcclb0.med.nyu.edu deustachio at mcclb0.med.nyu.edu
Tue Nov 10 16:47:50 EST 1992

> In article <1992Nov6.141029.17085 at gserv1.dl.ac.uk> , ZANDE at RUGR86.RUG.nl
> writes:
>>You can subscribe to a RAPD newsgroup by sending the command
>>subscribe RAPD-L <your name> to listserv at buyvm
> Are you sure this is the correct address?  When I try to subscribe, my
> mail is sent back because the host "buyvm" doesn't exist.  
> Kathie Hodge
> kh11 at cornell.edu

That's a bitnet address, not internet.  Also, isn't it byuvm, not buyvm?

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