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Workshop and Tutorial on Molecular Sequence Alignment

Tandy Warnow twarnow at cs.sandia.gov
Thu Oct 29 13:56:12 EST 1992

                      Tutorial and Workshop on
             Algorithms for Molecular Sequence Alignment

                         Nov. 5 - 6, 1992
              University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

Sandia National Laboratories and the Computer Science Department at 
the University of New Mexico are pleased to announce a tutorial and 
workshop on {\em Algorithms for Molecular Sequence Alignment}, to be 
held on Nov. 5 and 6, 1992, at the University of New Mexico, in 
Albuquerque, NM.  The tutorial is designed to introduce the problem 
of molecular sequence alignment, while the workshop will focus on new 
algorithmic techniques for this fundamental problem in computational 
biology.  Note that no background in biology is assumed for the tutorial!
The tutorial and workshop will be free and open to the public.
Graduate students and postdocs are especially encouraged to attend.
For further information about this workshop and tutorial, please contact
Tandy Warnow at (505) 845-7604, or send email to twarnow at cs.sandia.gov.

This workshop and tutorial immediately precedes the meeting of the
Program in Mathematics and Molecular Biology on "Nucleic Acids:
Structure and Function", to be held from Nov. 7-11, in Santa Fe, NM.
For further information about the PMMB meeting, please contact
Sylvia Spenger, at (510) 643-7799, or send email to 
sylviaj at violet.berkeley.edu.

Although we do not require registration, we would appreciate knowing
if you plan on attending, so that we can make local arrangements.
Therefore, please send email to twarnow at cs.sandia.gov to let us know
of your intent.  Thank you!

Thursday, Nov. 5: Tutorial
       9:00-4:00, The Cellar, Hokona Hall, University of New Mexico

       Topics to be covered include:
            biological background, optimal pairwise alignments,
            global and local alignment, suboptimal pairwise alignments,
            distance vs. similarity, scoring matrices, database searching, 
            and multiple alignment: trees and profiles.

 Instructor: Martin Vingron
             Department of Mathematics
             University of Southern California

Friday, Nov. 6:  Workshop
        9:00-4:00, The Cellar, Hokona Hall, University of New Mexico


"On Suboptimal Alignments of Biological Sequences" 
        Dalit Naor
        Department of Biochemistry
        Stanford University

"Multiple Alignment with Guaranteed Error Bounds" 
        Pavel Pevzner
        Department of Computer Science
        Pennsylvania State University

"Scoring Systems for Macromolecular Sequence Comparison"
        Stephen Altschul
        National Institute of Health

"The Maximum Weight Multiple Sequence Trace Problem"
        John Kececioglu
        Department of Computer Science
        University of California at Davis

"Analysis and Biological Evaluation of Parametric Sequence Alignments"
        Martin Vingron
        Department of Mathematics
        University of Southern California

"Dinucleotide Simple Sequence Repeats in Human DNA"
        David Torney
        Los Alamos National Laboratories

"3-D Profile Method and its Application in Protein Secondary Structure Prediction"
        Kam Zhang
        Molecular Biology Institute
        University of California at Los Angeles

      Local information regarding the Workshop and Tutorial

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

     Enclosed is some detailed information about the 
workshop and tutorial on Algorithms for Molecular Sequence
Alignment.  Although no registration is required and the
workshop and tutorial are free and open to the public, we
would appreciate knowing that you are planning on attending
so that we can make further arrangements (i.e. food, van
transportation to the workshop, etc.).  In particular, you
should let us know what hotel you'll be staying at, as we
will leave materials at these hotels for you when you

     Since some people have asked, the tutorial will
cover everything you need to know in order to follow the
research talks at the workshop.  No background is required!

     We look forward to seeing you!


Dates:    Tutorial:  Nov 5, 1992, 9:00-4:00
          Workshop:  Nov. 6, 1992, 9:00-4:00

Location: The Cellar, Hokona Hall 
          University of New Mexico
          (on the south side of Las Lomas Road -- aka Campus Blvd)
Parking:  Opposite Hokona Hall, in the Parking Structure
          between Lomas Blvd. and Las Lomas Road.
          (Parking on campus is difficult at best, so it
          is recommended that you walk or use the van service
          provided by the Raddison Hotel instead.)

Time:     Please plan on being at the workshop and tutorial by
          8:45 AM each day, as we will begin by 9:00 SHARP.
          We will have a 2 hour lunch break each day from
          12:00-2:00, and finish by 4:30 PM.  
Refreshments:  We will be providing refreshments at breakfast
          and during the breaks.  Therefore, please let us know that
          you will be attending, so we can order enough
          food and coffee!  The best way to do this is by

You will now find a list of hotels for accomodations during
your stay in Albuquerque.  We have reserved a block of 30 rooms
at the Raddison Inn at a special government rate.  This hotel
will provide van transportation to the campus in the morning
and back again in the evening, so that it won't be necessary
to rent a car.

Raddison Inn Albuquerque
   1-(800)333-3333 or (505) 247-0512, 1901 Univ. SE
  $53.00 plus tax single, mention "Sandia National Labs" when
         calling to obtain this government rate. 
  30 rooms available, checking in on 4th of Nov., checking out on 5th
  complementary use of Midtown Athletic Club; hotel van will
       provide free transportation to the club.
  Heated pool, whirlpool, airport transportation
  Hotel will provide transportation by van to the workshop in
     the morning and back in the evening.

Alternate Hotels:

  Plaza Inn Albuquerque (2 Star, AAA)
  900 Medical Arts NE
  (505) 243-5693
  swimming pool
  may be close enough to walk to the workshop and tutorial
  $55.00 plus tax

  Albuquerque Hilton (3 Star, AAA)
  1901 University Blvd. NE
  heated pools, sauna, tennis

  Albuquerque Marriott (4 Star, AAA)
  2101 Louisiana
  heated pool, sauna, whirpool, airport transportation
  $114.00 plus tax

  Barcelona Court (3 Star, AAA)
  900 Louisiana Blvd. NE
  1-(505) 255-5566
  all suites, free breakfast, heated pools, sauna, whirpool
  single $74.95, 2 adults plus up to 2 children $84.95 (plus tax)

  University Lodge (2 Star, AAA)
  3711 Central Ave, NE
  1(505) 266-7663
  One block from  the "Nob Hill" area at Central and Carlisle.
  Great area for cafes and bookstores, but supposed to be
  not a good place for hotels (unsavory clientelle is the
  complaint).  I have no personal experience with this
  hotel, and suggest it only if you want to keep the
  price down.  You can walk from here to the workshop and

There are many excellent restaurants in town, and
several fun cafes and bookstores.  
If you choose to rent a car, be warned that parking
will be difficult at the campus.  We will try to arrange
parking, but please try to arrive by 8:30 to find parking,
in order to be at the workshop or tutorial by 9, as it can
take time even with a permit to find a space.  It may be
easier to NOT rent a car, and use the van (from the Raddison)
or else stay somewhere reasonably close and walk.

Please do let me know if you're coming and where you'll
be staying, as I will try to arrange to get maps to you.

For further information, please contact Tandy Warnow
at twarnow at cs.sandia.gov.

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