"Lamarkian" mutations - how does one descern?

Robert J. Lebowitz lebowitz at krypton.mankato.msus.edu
Tue Apr 13 10:00:38 EST 1993

You should look at Nature 335:142 (September 1988) at the article
entitled "The Origin of Mutants" by Cairns, Overbaugh and Miller from
the Dept. of Cancer Biology at Harvard.  The article is considered
highly controversial since it challenges the notion of Darwinian,
natural selection processes as the basis for mutations, and proposes a
Lamarckian-like mechanism (directed mutation) for a series of different
mutant strains of bacteria.  

Scientific American (November 1989) page 20-21 describes some of the
arguments against Cairn, et al.'s thesis, but I'd be interested in any
other good references on the subject.
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