"Lamarkian" mutations - how does one descern?

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In article <1993Apr13.090038.3057 at msus1.msus.edu> Robert J. Lebowitz,
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>You should look at Nature 335:142 (September 1988) at the article
>entitled "The Origin of Mutants" by Cairns, Overbaugh and Miller from
>the Dept. of Cancer Biology at Harvard.  The article is considered
>highly controversial since it challenges the notion of Darwinian,
>natural selection processes as the basis for mutations, and proposes a
>Lamarckian-like mechanism (directed mutation) for a series of different
>mutant strains of bacteria.  

Evelyn Fox Keller takes a look at a these experiments from an interesting 
vantage in _Between Language and Science: The Question of Directed
in Molecular Genetics_ Perspectives in Biology and Medicine v35n2 -
Winter 1992

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