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>> Such things as RNA's ability to catalyze its own replication,
>> (something DNA can't do),
>Let us be clear that you are discussing catalysis as dintinguished from
>serving as a template.
Yes, I meant that RNA can catalyze its own replication,
Something DNA can not do without help from proteins.(according to the latest material I have
read on the matter, but doubtless others know more.
>> RNA's ability interact with amino(sp), acids directly,
>> (something which I believe can't happen in DNA),
>Certainly both RNA and DNA can and do interact with proteins.
I didn't say proteins, I said amino(sp),
acids, as in the ability of RNA to interact with amino acids to form T-RNAs.
>The main difference between RNA and DNA is the presence of the 2-hydroxy group
>in RNA.  It is chemically (and biochemically) simpler to synthesize ribose as
>opposed to 2-deoxyribose.  Because of the 2-hydroxy groups, RNA is more
>chemically reactive; that is both a boon and a bane.  While probably confers
>more catalytic ability, it also introduces more chemical instability especially
>under some assumed primitive earth conditions (dilute, slightly basic aqueous
>solution).  In short, the RNA genome probably evolved first because it has
>chemically easier and more catalytically versatile.  The DNA genome probably
>evolved later from the RNA system because it had increased "genetic" stability.
I do not believe that any of my first post contradicted this, but 
if so, please correct me.  As I said, I am only an undergraduate,
and therefore could have made some mistakes.
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