significance of alignments

Andrew Hobbs andrewh at uniwa.uwa.edu.au
Fri Apr 23 03:25:42 EST 1993

lizvanp at ento.csiro.au wrote:
: I have an alignment between two proteins which covers a region of about 100
: residues. The proteins I am comparing are 200 and 240 residues in size, and
: the region that aligns has 31% identity, but only 20% similarity (according
: to MaxHom, EMBL at Heidelberg). Also the region that aligns contains a
: residue which is involved in the active site, but one of these proteins has
: no alignment in this particular area. Can anyone give me some idea whether
: this level of similarity has any real meaning?  Cheers Lis
: Lis van Papenrecht
: C/O Div. Entomology, C.S.I.R.O.
: Box 1700 Canberra A.C.T. 2601
: Australia  (lizvanp at ento.csiro.au)
: Ph.61-6-2464158 (w), 61-6-2571680 (h)
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Could you please enlighten me.  What did you mean when you said a region
of 100 residues aligns with a 31% identity, but only a 20% similarity?

Andrew Hobbs
andrewh at uniwa.uwa.edu.au


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