divergence times for mites/insects

Diane Stothard dstothar at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Fri Apr 23 22:18:49 EST 1993

Hello out there!
     I have been combing through the literature trying to find an approximate 
divergence time for mites and insects. I am fairly sure they branched off from 
one another sometime during the Devonian, but depending on which book I read, 
the Devonian was either 300mya or 450mya. I think 150 million years is a pretty
big discrepency! If anyone has any good, possibly molecularly-based estimates 
for this split, I would be much abliged! Also, if you do have a clue, while 
we're on the subject, I would also like to get an estimation of when ticks 
branched off from mites.

Thanks for your time!

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