Simple analysis of phylogeny using DNA / protein seq data

Scott Knowles Scott at
Thu Apr 22 15:10:22 EST 1993

  From your experience, do you know whether software such as MacClade 
can handle DNA or AA sequence data?  I would like to present some simple
ideas about phylogeny, evolution, distance between species etc. to my
freshman biology classes.  Is there a preferred way to use seq. data to 
demonstrate how far-removed are various species from some common ancesteral
gene or protein?
  For example, I have a reference that compares the cytochrome c gene
of 15 species.  It lists  _how many bases differ_  in the gene for 
each species vs. every other species, for a total of 105 comparisons.
Can MacClade generate trees (or other output) that will help me explain 
the importance of selection pressure at the molecular level?
  The software is reasonably priced, and I'll buy it if it's appropriate
for this kind of purpose. 
  Thanks in advance for your thoughts.  Note that I'm a toxicologist with 
only slightly more experience in this area than my students :)
Perhaps I need to read-up a bit more before I can even pose the right
  Scott Knowles  < nEcho at NCSUMVS >
  North Carolina State University

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