Complex hybridity definition????

Michelle Waycott mitch at uniwa.uwa.edu.au
Tue Aug 3 04:31:09 EST 1993

Hello to all those people who replied to my request on research into
complex hybridity.
I will attempt to provide a few definitions but please feel free to yell
at me for assumptions that you don't understand.  I also hasten to add
that the Guru is away at the moment (going to the Birmingham Genetics
Conference) and I may not give a full and complete rendition of this
topic to the uninitiated.
Basically complex hybridity is an uncommon genetic system that combines
multiple interchange heterozygosity (aka reciprocal translocations),
autogamy, and a balanced lethal system.  This system is best known from
the work on Oenothera by many (or to those from my lab is known from a
little herbacious plant that grows on granite outcrops in the interior
of Australia called Isotoma petraea)
A complex heterozygote is defined by Renner (1917) as being one whose
gametes have numerous differences which segregate as a unit.
To those of you who still haven't understood a word of this don't worry
too much.  As I have said it is a little known genetic system that
though very exciting to work on is very difficult to make any sense of.
I would also like to say on that note that I can provide a list of
references to anyone who is interested in discovering the wonders of
complex hybridity and to those who work on similar systems I would
appreciate any comments.
I hope someone out there can help me if possible to discover if anyone
has done any molecular (as in RFLPs, sequencing, in situ hybridisation,
RAPDs, restriction analysis etc) type of work on complex hybrids or
anything on interchange heterozygotes.  Is there anyone who has done
genic heterozygosity in these things???? (Other than Isozymes)
Thanks in advance
**  mitch at uniwa.uwa.edu.au  **

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