Memetics theory?

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> I've read some stuff about evolution of genes and memes recently,
> and I wonder if there exists any *general* theory about evolution.
> Not only biological evolution, but also evolution of ideas, traits,
> etc.  Since there seems to be so much common in all these kinds of
> evolution *quantitively*, it would be rather natural to ask if these
> evolution processes also have common properties *qualitatively*.
> Are there any related research or related comments?

A generalised theory of evolutionary processes is presented by David Hull,
especially in his _Science as a process_ U Chicago P 1988. He makes what is
now known as the Hull-Dawkins distinction between interactor entities and
replicator entities.

Cavalli-Sforza and Feldman wrote a book on social evolution -- name escapes
me, but c.1984.

Hope this helps

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