Memetics theory?

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>I've read some stuff about evolution of genes and memes recently,
>and I wonder if there exists any *general* theory about evolution.
>Not only biological evolution, but also evolution of ideas, traits,
>etc.  Since there seems to be so much common in all these kinds of
>evolution *quantitively*, it would be rather natural to ask if these
>evolution processes also have common properties *qualitatively*.
>Are there any related research or related comments?

Stuart Kaufman in his Origins of Order (1993) stresses similarities between
biological evolution and the evolution of spin glasses in physics, as well as
the relation of these topics to others, such as the traveling salesman problem
in mathematics.  Biological evolution is addressed at several levels, small
RNA, genes, proteins, enzyme activities etc.

Ulrich Melcher
Okla. St. Univ.

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