Book Review - Genetics, Speciation and the Founder Principle

Mike Bonham bonham at jade.ab.ca
Tue Aug 31 13:07:35 EST 1993

danny at cs.su.oz.au (Danny Yee) writes a brief but glowing book review on:

> Genetics, Speciation and the Founder Principle
> (Eds) L.V. Giddings, K.Y. Kaneshiro and W.W. Anderson
> Oxford University Press 1989
> pp. 373
> Speciation is one of the most interesting aspects of evolutionary
> biology; it is the key process linking microevolution and
> macroevolution.  _Genetics, Speciation and the Founder Principle_ is a
> collection of seventeen essays on the underlying genetics of speciation.
>    ...
> Such a broad collection of essays will be of interest to a wide range of
> biologists, and _Genetics, Speciation and the Founder Principle_
> wouldn't make a bad introduction to the genetics of speciation for the
> non-specialist with some background in genetics.  

Given that this book might be `a good introduction for the non-specialist',
I was disappointed that the key term `Founder Principle' is not defined
in the review.  All it would take is a single sentence of the following
(or simpler) form:

    The Founder Principle was formulated by D.H. Founder in 1991, and
    asserts that the incidental characteristics of the members of the
    founding subspecies population eventually become defining charac-
    teristics of the species it ultimately gives rise to, unless the
    sub-population is inundated (founders) when the original mainstream
    population re-joins with it.

If this is an important concept in modern evolutionary genetics, could
someone please give us non-specialists the REAL definition?  Thanks!

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