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Steven J. Gould

Ron Cass Poirier rpoirier at kirk
Thu Dec 9 15:12:11 EST 1993

In article <1993Dec8.095001.20045 at bradford.ac.uk>  writes:

(Post about non-existence of immortal souls deleted)

> Are you a Jehovah's Witness? I have only heard them expouse this idea
> before and so am wondering if there are more varieties than them who
> hold to this.

	My ex-girlfriend is a Christadelphian, a fundamentalist sect (?)  
that also believes this.  In addition, they do not vote, and neither do  
they believe in Satan as a personal being.  How one would get around these  
particular beliefs by saying that they are present in the Bible is  
somewhat beyond me - we never argued about the Satan thing because I had  
no problems accepting it, and as far as voting goes...  Well, it couldn't  
be DIS-proved from scripture, either.
	There aren't many Christadelphians.  I remember there was some  
nationwide youth trip she went on a couple years ago young adherents to  
the faith frequently go on, and the purpose of the thing is at least  
partly to get young "believers" together as potential marriage partners.   
There are only about 50 or so in my entire state of RI.
	It is my shrugging belief that the group will eventually disperse  
due to lack of members, though this could take generations.  Meantime, the  
tears I weep for her loneliness and that of others like her are very real.

> : Sincerely;
> : C. Allen Roy

	- Ron P.   ^*^

	P.S. an interesting thing about the Ecclesiastes quote is that  
"The dead will never again partake of anything that is done under the  
Sun."  Does this not also refute the possibility of a ressurection at the  
end of the world?  Or will there be a Sun then?

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