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Estimates for vertebrate divergences

Matthew Weed weed-matthew at cs.yale.edu
Tue Feb 9 14:58:53 EST 1993

In article <1l8u6s$96r at gazette.bcm.tmc.edu> steffen at mbcr.bcm.tmc.edu (David Steffen) writes:
>GEustace at massey.ac.nz (Glen Eustace) writes:
>>many authors state dates of divergence between taxa but may not cite
>>primary (or any) references in support. I am after estimates of
>>divergence times between the following vertebrate groups...
>>80 million years is a frequently cited estimate for mammalian radiation.
>>From what reference(s) did this date come.
>>Robert Hickson.
>I would like to thank Robert or Glen, or whoever for posting this
>This is a question I have had several times - e.g. I typically have a
>good guess about a divergence time, (e.g. 15 million years rat to
>mouse) but am not sure I am correct, and certainly cannot find a
>reference to that to save my life.  I think that a database of good
>primary literature references in evolutionary biology, especially on
>divergence times, to help out us poor molecular biologists, would be
>most appreciated!
It seems to me, that the community would be well served by setting up an
independent group for the discussion of evolution-related topics which may/may not have molecular consequences.
Many discussions have happened here which have related, only marginally, to molecular evolution, and which have been more closely related to what might be called ecological, or environmental evolution.
>David Steffen
>Internet = steffen at bcm.tmc.edu

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