Heterosis and gene duplicati

ann baker mouse at LAMAR.COLOSTATE.EDU
Thu Feb 11 17:19:22 EST 1993

Drew Schwartz reported gene duplication for ADH in Zea mays collected in
central or south America - this is a very important paper that shows that
the Hobbs prediction can sometimes be true. Peter Tigerstedt (Dept Plant
Breeding, Helsinki), George Seidel (Dept Physiology, Colorado State University,
Fort Collins), and I are trying to put together a literature review on the
molecular basis of heterosis and welcome any leads people are kind enough
to suggest. Our objective is to offer the plant or animal breeder ideas
that have a high chance of predicting heterosis. Jeff Mitton may cover
some related issues in his to-be-published book (Oxford U Press) or in his
chapter in a book on inbreeding edited by Randy Thornhill (U Chicago Press).
The Schwartz paper was published in the 1970s I think. Thanks in advance to
any who can provide refs or ideas about predicting heterosis - the most
useful recent ref was QTL (Genetics '92).

AEM Baker
Biology Dept  Colorado State University  Fort Collins 80523
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