Evolutionary necessity of senescence?

Fiberman wsun at jeeves.ucsd.edu
Thu Feb 18 17:16:31 EST 1993

In article <1ludla$2c6 at agate.berkeley.edu> tyersome at toxic (Randall Tyers) writes:
> [stuff deleted]

>production of toxins within our bodies.  This seems to reinforce the
>general idea that we die because it is more advantageous to put energy
>into reproduction than a (futile) attempt to reverse 'ageing' processes.
>Randall Tyers

Why is it more advantages to put energy into reproduction?  It
seems to me that theres less energy requirement to keep an
organism at homeostasis.  Growth requires more energy than
homeostasis.  Reversing aging may be futile, but I think
stopping aging is definitely possible, and more economical than


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