Biologically Plausible Dynamic Artificial Neural Networks

Paul Fawcett paulf at manor.demon.co.uk
Tue Jan 5 00:53:57 EST 1993

          Biologically  Plausible  Dynamic Artificial Neural Networks.

          A   *Dynamic   Artificial   Neural   Network*   (DANN)   [1]
          possesses   processing  elements  that  are  created  and/or
          annihilated,  either in real time  or  as  some  part  of  a
          development phase [2].

          Of    particular    interest    is    the   possibility   of
          constructing   *biologically    plausible*    DANN's    that
          models    developmental   neurobiological   strategies   for
          establishing  and   modifying processing elements and  their

          Work  with  cellular  automata in modeling cell genesis  and
          cell pattern  formation  could  be applicable to the  design
          of  DANN topologies.  Likewise, biological features that are
          determined by genetic  or  evolutionary  factors  [3]  would
          also have a  role  to play.

          Putting  all  this  together  with  a view to constructing a
          working DANN,  possessing cognitive/behavioral attributes of
          a biological system is a tall order; the modeling of nervous
          systems in simple organisms may be the  best  approach  when
          dealing with a problem of such complexity [4].

          Any  comments,  opinions  or  references  in respect of  the
          above assertions would be most welcome.

          Many thanks

          Paul Fawcett.

          University of Westminster


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             Biological   Neural   Network,  Mathl  Comput.  Modeling,
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             Academic  Press.

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