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Fri Jan 8 12:22:08 EST 1993

I am putting together the second issue of the Mollusc
Molecular News (MMN).  The MMN is a free, informal
newsletter for researchers doing systematics or
population genetics using mollusc DNA.

In this issue there will be a list of polymerase chain
reaction (PCR) primers that have been used to amplify
mollusc DNA.  Please do not include unpublished PCR
primers if their use could compromise your research.
If you wish to contribute to the list of primers please
provide the following information: 1) your name and
affiliation 2) gene(s) amplified by primer pair, 3)
sequences of PCR primers listed 5' to 3' and labelled
as sense or antisense, 4) classes, families, and
species that primers have been successfully used on, 5)
useful level of variation {e.g., within species,
between orders} 6) end use of PCR product {e.g.,
restriction analysis, direct sequencing, cloning then
sequencing clones}.

If you want to be included in the directory of
researchers please send me the following information.
I keep this information in a database file that has the
following structure (numbers in parentheses refer to
maximum number of characters): surname (15), other
names and title (15), address line 1 (30), address line
2 (30), address line 3 (30), address line 4 (30), work
phone number (20), FAX number (20), electronic mail
address (54), keywords (54).

I will list separately all publications concerned with
mollusc DNA that are in press or have been published
since 1990.  Please write out journal names in full.

Please include a paragraph or two describing the
ongoing research in your laboratory for the Research
News section.  You also can solicit help from other
readers in the Technical Bulletin Board section.
Please send your contributions to the Research News or
Technical Bulletin Board sections via electronic mail
or print them using a letter quality printer on heavy
letter-size white paper leaving 2.5 cm margins and a
typeface of at least 9 pt.

Many people working on mollusc DNA do not have access
to electronic mail and I would be grateful if you would
bring this notice to their attention.  Please try to
get all contributions to me by the end of January 1993.
Please note my new electronic mail address.
     Elizabeth Boulding.
     elizabeth_boulding at sfu.ca
     Dr. Elizabeth Boulding
     Editor, Mollusc Molecular News
     Department of Biological Sciences
     Simon Fraser University
     Burnaby, B.C.
     V5A 1S6

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