Wings and intermediate phenotypes

Thomas Boyce thomasb at SPIDER.ENTO.CSIRO.AU
Sun Jan 10 18:05:04 EST 1993

First, my apologies to Mimi Koehl for misspelling her name, and to say
that this topic is a bit far afield from molecular evolution so I'll
keep this short.

I suggest that anyone truly interested in the issue of what 
*morphospace* is physically possible for thermoregulation and
any enhancement of insect gliding abilities should read 

Kingsolver, J. G., and M. A R. Koehl. 1985. Aerodynamics,
thermoregulation, and the evolution of insect wings: Differential
scaling and evolutionary change.  Evolution 39:488-504.

Many of Ben Jones's questions may be answered there.

Thomas Boyce

thomasb at spider.ento.csiro.au

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