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The Nature, and Evolution of Intelligence

leichter at zodiac.rutgers.edu leichter at zodiac.rutgers.edu
Tue Jun 22 10:01:57 EST 1993

In article <1993Jun21.220213.14537 at ac.dal.ca>, aroger at ac.dal.ca writes:
| ...It would seem to me that those working in the field of artificial 
| intelligence would have probably been scratching their heads about the
| real meaning of the word "intelligence".  I would be quite surprised if
| it had slipped through the cracks of this particular field.  Whether or
| not they have defined a quality that matches one to one with what we
| would commonly regard as intelligence may be another matter.....
| Does anyone have the answers?

Actually, the fastest way to generate hours and hours of fruitless discussion
among beginning AI'ers is to toss out the comment "Well, we can't really do AI
until we define what intelligence really is."

Those who work in the field have pretty universally reached that conclusion
that this is a pointless question - on a par with refusing to do physics
until you can decide what "energy" *really* is.  You do the physics and at the
end of the day, when you wax philosophical, you look back and write a book
explaining what "modern physics" has to say about the matter.

Aristotle thought that one of the important defining attributes of human
intelligence was the ability to do arithmetic.  What would he have made of
the calculator in a cheap watch?
							-- Jerry

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