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directed evolution,TM

sdryden at mta.ca sdryden at mta.ca
Wed Mar 17 09:16:44 EST 1993

	Fist of all I would like to thank the people who have sent to myself,
as well as the news group, information in reply to my posting on directed
mutations from my posting of last week.
	Secondly, I received E-mail from Terry Morse on the topic of 
directed genectic mutations. He is  unable at present to do any posting 
on the USERNET, so he asked if I could help him out by posting for him.

Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1993 11:54:33 -0800
To: sdryden at mta.ca
From: tmorse%
Subject: directed evolution
Cc: morset at ccmail.orst.edu

  I just ran across an article which relates to your question, "Genetic 
Response of Microbes to Extreme Challenges," by Arthur L. Koch (Journal 
of Theoretical Biology (1993) 160, 1-21).  His abstract reads, in part:
	... [B]acteria have evolved in an environment that has 
	fluctuated so often in the past that they may have evolved a 
	group of "last ditch" mechanisms to meet these challenges.  
	These include developing a metabolically inactive state; 
	activating previously evolved, bu silent genes; increasing rates 
	of mutation under dire condition; and favoring movement of 
	exogenous and endogenous genetic elements.  Some of these 
	processes can function to make it appear that directed "
	Lamarckian" mutations have occurred.  Together these survival 
	mechanisms constitute the "catastrophe insurance" of the cells.

   Since I am not set up to post on Usenet, perhaps you will pass this 
information on to the group.

Terry Morse
	My appologies to Mr. Cairns for stating that he was involved in 
scintific work at Princeton instead of Harvard, although I've heard that
Mr. Cairns has retired to England during the past year.

	Stephen Dryden
	Mount Alison University, Sackville N.B. Canada
	sdryden at mta.ca
++	Any more replies would be greatly appreciated .  Thanks..     ++
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