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RFD: sci.bio.{ethology,herps}, sci.environment.biosphere

Una Smith smith-una at yale.edu
Thu Nov 11 13:38:16 EST 1993

			Request for Discussion

Proposal to create

	sci.bio.ethology	for discussion of the scientific study of
				animal behavior and behavioral ecology.

	sci.bio.herps		for discussion of the natural history,
				biology, conservation, and scientific
				study of amphibians and reptiles.

	sci.environment.biosphere  for discussion of scientific research
				on the properties and dynamics of the
				biosphere which envelopes our planet.


Sci.bio.herps is motivated by the "tell me too" response to a query
in sci.bio.ecology about whether such a group exists.  It would
compliment the already very popular rec.pets.herp.

The other two groups are already available in Usenet, and have well
established readerships (plus 250 e-mail subscribers), but would be
far more accessible if moved to the sci.* hierarchy.


Usenet vote first-timers:  an RFD invites thoughtful comments on
whether a proposed newsgroup change is useful and desirable.  It is an
opportunity to voice any serious reservations or obojections, and to 
suggest modifications to any proposed new newsgroup names, if need be.
As it is not a call for votes, there is no need to respond if you feel
the proposal is a good idea.  Assuming the response to the RFD bodes
well for the success of the proposal, a formal call for votes (CVF)
will appear at the end of the month.

Sci.bio.ethology will be gated to the LISTSERV mailing list ETHOLOGY,
which is now gated to bit.listserv.ethology.  Sci.environment.biosphere
will be gated to BIOSPH-L, which is now gated to bit.listserv.biosph-l.
The two bit.listserv.* groups will be removed once they are redundant.
These proposed new groups have been discussed in the corresponding lists 
with generally favorable results.  The mailing list owners (respectively:
Jarmo.Saarikko at Helsinki.FI and Dave Phillips <davep at acsu.buffalo.edu>)
have given their blessings to these proposals.

It is anticipated that sci.bio.herps will also have a mailing list,
to be administered by Michael Eisen <eisen at xtal220.harvard.edu>.

If all goes well, the call for votes (CFV) for these three groups will
go out together with the CVF for sci.bio.evolution.  An RFD for this
group was posted earlier this month by Chris Colby <colby at bu.bu.edu>. 
Having a joint CFV will means that each person who sees the CFV may vote
on any or all four group proposals via a single e-mail message, rather
than in separate messages.  This is sensible as the groups are related.

Also, look for a separate CFV for sci.anthropology.paleo on November 18.

Send no votes now!  The CFV will include instructions on how to submit
your vote.  Thank you.
	Una Smith

Yale University, Department of Biology, Osborn Memorial Laboratories,
PO Box 6666, New Haven, Connecticut  06511-8155     smith-una at yale.edu

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