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Lynne Shandley bunny at zikzak.apana.org.au
Fri Oct 8 07:44:32 EST 1993

johnreed at stein1.u.washington.edu (John Reed) writes:

>I am interest in knowing whether parthanogenesis has evolved in the male 
>sex of any species.  I would presume not, for evolutionary reasons, but I 
>would like to know for sure.  I would also like to know other peoples 
>opinions as to why this has not occured.  [question deleted]

Well, I'd say one of the reasons why males of any species are not capable of
parthenogenesis (as far as I know) is because of the different forms of
gametogenesis that occur in male and female.  The gametes produced by
males tend to be little sacs of DNA with not much in the way of cell
cytoplasm, whilst females tend to produce what could be considered a whole
cell that is lacking half its chromosome complement - probably an easier start
point for parthenogenesis to occur.  Anyway, aren't the products of
parthenogenesis clones of the parent?

Just my two cents worth.  Any other opinions?

Lynne Shandley                          bunny at zikzak.apana.org.au

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