And yet MORE overpric

Will Steeves goid at io.org
Wed Sep 8 21:15:30 EST 1993

Newsgroups: tor.general,ut.general,ont.forsale
Subject: Re: And yet MORE overpriced goodies....

kgdykes at thinkage.on.ca (Ken Dykes)
>In article <24jrm9$61n at ionews.io.org> goid at io.org (Will Steeves) writes:
>>Newsgroups: tor.general,ut.general,ont.forsale
>>Subject:  Misc. (slightly) Used Items for Sale
>>chang at ecf.toronto.edu (CHANG Rong Fawn Teresa) writes...
>>>       286/12mHz computer system by Ergo
>>Definitely Overpriced....
>>>       IBM PS/1 brand name personal computer system
>>Probably overpriced...   On second thought, I have seen plenty of 386/16's
>>selling for UNDER $1000, so yes, I change my mind - it IS definitely
>>This is perhaps the 12 millionth time that you have posted up messages for
>>items that are so ridiculously overpriced that it doesn't take a PhD in
>>rocket science to figure out that you're gouging.

>and YOUR 12 millionth followup?

>if it's so obvious why are you wasting our bandwidth with your posting?
>perhaps you are trying to insult the intelligence of the potential consumers?

Sheesh, Ken, lower your flamethrower already.

I was hounding her in order to make her stop.  I had no intention of insulting
anyone's intelligence, save for her's.  I was hoping that by saying "nobody is
going to fall for this crap" that maybe she's cease and desist.

Instead, now *I'm* getting blasted, sheesh.  I'm supposed to be one of the
Good Guys, remember?  :-)

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