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Howdy folks, sorry about the mess up with the previous posting (if you
read it), all of the margins were far too wide and it came out looking
barely legible.  Anyway, I hope that this is more legible.  

BTW: Please do consider coming to our little rendezvous, as I think it
will be a very stimulating and fascinating experience.  If you have
any questions, feel free to contact me directly.

=============================Begin Repost=============================

                         The 14th Annual
                 University of Kansas, Lawrence
                       12-14 November 1993
     This year's Midwest Conference on Population Biology will
take place at the University of Kansas on 12-14 November 1993.
The MCPB provides an excellent opportunity for the exchange of
ideas within the broad scope of population biology, including
(but not limited to) genetics, ecology, evolution, and behavior,
and from both empirical and theoretical perspectives.  Besides
the customary selection of outstanding speakers (see SCHEDULE OF
EVENTS), this year's program will feature a contributed poster
session (see POSTER SESSION for details) and a panel discussion
on the topic:  "Reconciling "Good" Science with Conservation
Imperatives: Problems and Prospects."
LOCATION:  All talks will be held in Haworth Hall, room 1005.
Posters will be displayed in the foyer.
PARKING:  Free parking begins after 4:00 PM on Friday in all
Yellow Zones.  We recommend the use of Lot 90, located just south
of Haworth Hall; it has many spaces and is convenient to the
meeting site.
FRIDAY NIGHT RECEPTION:  Conference participants and friends are
invited to meet at the 2nd floor lobby of the Burge Union on
Friday evening from 6:00 to 11:30 PM.  Late registration will
also be available.  Please park in lot 72 on the east side of the
events will be held at The American Bistro; all participants are
encouraged to attend.  Daniel Simberloff from Florida State
University will present the plenary address following the meal.
LODGING:  The following is a list of twelve Lawrence hotels (area
code 913):
     1. Best Western (800/528-1234, 841-6500)    $29/$33
     2. Bismark Inn (749-4040)                   $32/$38
     3. College Motel (843-0131)
     4. Days Inn (800/325-2525, 843-9100)        $43/$46
     5. Eldridge Hotel (800/527-0909, 749-5011)  $66/$74
     6. Holiday Inn (800/465-4329, 841-7077)     $64/$70
     7. Jayhawk Motel (843-4131)                 $22/$25
     8. Quality Inn (842-7030)                   $46/$54
     9. Super 8 Motel (800/800-8000, 842-5217)   $34/$40
     10. Travelodge (842-5100)                   $39/$43
     11. Virginia Inn (800/468-8979, 843-6611)   $33/$40
     12. Westminister Inn (841-8410)             $34/$42
We encourage you to make reservations early to ensure room
availability, but please note that hotels are not within easy
walking distance of Haworth Hall.  For those willing to bring
their own sleeping bag, floor space will be available at no cost,
although space is limited.  Contact Barbara Hayford at
913/842-4776 for further information.
POSTER SESSION:  Abstracts of posters should be sent to Jim
Danoff-Burg (see address below) by 31 October 1993 and _must_ be
submitted on diskette (IBM or Macintosh format) to be included in
the MCPB program.  Please also enclose a hardcopy and a note
explaining what software was used.  Bring both thumb tacks and
tape to mount your poster (1.2 x 2.4 m).  Posters will be on
display all day Saturday, although authors will be available for
questions during a period immediately following lunch.  NB: A
prize will be awarded.
                       SCHEDULE OF EVENTS
Friday, 12 November
     6:00-11:30 PM    Reception and late registration (2nd floor
                      lobby, Burge Union).
Saturday, 13 November
     MORNING SESSION (1005 Haworth Hall):  "Population Ecology"
     8:45-9:00 AM     Welcome and Introductory Remarks.
     9:00-9:40 AM     Jane H. Bock, University of Colorado.
                      "Soil seed banks: Records of the past and
                      predictors of the future."
     9:40-10:20 AM    Victor     10:40-11:20 AM   Carl E. Bock,
University of Colorado.
                      "Effects of ungulate grazing on grassland
                      ecosystems:  Evidence from the Great Plains
                      and American Southwest."
     11:20-12:00 AM   Andrew Sih, University of Kentucky.
                      "Ecological factors influencing the 'battle
                      between the sexes':  Experimental studies
                      on water strider mating dynamics."
     POSTER SESSION (Haworth Hall foyer)
     1:00-1:40 PM     Poster presentations.
     AFTERNOON SESSION (1005 Haworth Hall):  "The Genetics and
     Evolution of Sociality"
     1:40-2:20 PM     Deborah R. Smith, University of Kansas.
                      "Population genetics in cooperative
     2:20-3:00 PM     Zuleyma Tang-Martinez, University of
                      Missouri, St. Louis.  "Inclusive fitness
                      and the evolution of sociality:  Cause or
     3:20-4:00 PM     Diana Wheeler, University of Arizona.
                      "Castes in social insects as alternative
     PANEL DISCUSSION (1005 Haworth Hall)
     4:00-5:00 PM     Discussion topic:  "Reconciling 'Good'
                      Science with Conservation Imperatives:
                      Problems and Prospects."
     EVENING SESSION (The American Bistro, 1st floor of the
     Eldridge Hotel)
     5:00-6:30 PM     Mixer.
     6:30-8:00 PM     Banquet.
     8:00-9:00 PM     Plenary Address:  Daniel Simberloff,
                       MORNING SESSION (1005 Haworth Hall):
"Evolutionary Biology"
     9:00-9:40 AM     Michael Ryan, University of Texas.
                      "Historical and sensory aspects of sexual
     9:40-10:20 AM    Richard Gomulkiewicz, University of Kansas.
                      "The evolution of age-dependent sexually
                      selected traits."
     10:40-11:20 AM   Ruth Shaw, University of Minnesota.
                      "Evolutionary genetics of plant
     11:20-12:00 AM   Mark Kirkpatrick, University of Texas.
                      "Constraint and adaptation in the evolution
                      of growth."
     12:00-12:30 PM   Closing Remarks and Business Meeting.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - (cut here) - - - - - - - - - - - - -
REGISTRATION FORM:  Please return this form and a check by 31
October 1993 to Jim Danoff-Burg, MCPB, Snow Entomological Museum,
University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS 66045.  Late registrants will
be charged an additional $10.
REGISTRATION FEE:                                     $__________
     Students $15.00, Professionals $25.00; Late
     fee +$10.00.
BANQUET:                                              $__________
     Cost $17.50.  Menu preference (circle one):
     delicious buffet will also include a full
     salad bar, two vegetables,      Biological Sciences.
PHONE:                     EMAIL:
I plan to present a poster _______ (yes/no).
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Jim Danoff-Burg     (Snow Museum, Univ. of Kansas, Lawrence, KS 66045)
Bitnet: JIMDB at UKANVAX                Internet:jimdb at kuhub.cc.ukans.edu

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