PCR primers and hybridization probes

Linda J. Carter ljc55 at cas.org
Mon Sep 13 12:30:33 EST 1993

	  For those of you interested in PCR primers and hybridization
      probes I would really appreciate your opinions about their
      inclusion in biosequence databases.  Some of my specific concerns
      are as follows:

      1.  Do you feel primers and probes tend to clutter up a nucleic acid
	  database and cause unnecessary retrievals when searching for
	  sequences of much longer length?

      2.  Because primers and probes are usually designed from known sequence
	  information often already in the database, is it still justifiable
	  to include them as additional entries?

      3.  What applications of primers and probes should justify their
	  inclusion in a biosequence database, e.g.  clinical diagnosis,
	  taxonomy, evolution, gene mapping, or methods?

     4.   If you were to search for primers and probes in a biosequence
	  database what would be most efficient for you?  Would some type of
	  descriptive information be helpful, e.g. their application or
	  their origin?

	  Thank you very much for any thoughts you might have on this subject.

	  Please post your response to ljc55 at cas.org

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