Biodiversity Graduate Fellowships

Kent E. Holsinger HOLSINGE at UCONNVM.bitnet
Mon Sep 13 08:10:37 EST 1993

at the University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut seeks outstanding Ph.D. candidates in ecology,
evolutionary biology, animal behavior, systematics, and conservation biology
to participate in a new program in biodiversity.

The new program builds on the faculty group's experience in collaborative
training and research in the areas of conservation biology, organismal and
molecular systematics and evolution, animal behavior, the ecology and
evolution of functional diversity, and population dynamics and community

NSF Graduate Research Training (GRT) fellowships provide a $14,000 annual
stipend, plus up to $7500 as a cost of education allowance to Biodiversity
Graduate Fellows in the Departments of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and
Cell & Molecular Biology.

For complete information, including a list of GRT faculty and their interests,
please call Burma Stelmak at (203)486-4323 [FAX(203)486-6364], or write to:

Biodiversity Graduate Fellowships
Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, U-43
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT   06269-3043

E-mail inquiries may be directed to:

Kent E. Holsinger       holsinge at uconnvm.uconn.edu (Internet)
                        holsinge at uconnvm           (BITNET)

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