More System Problems at Internex - Apologies for All...

Will Steeves goid at io.org
Wed Sep 8 21:14:24 EST 1993

I recently posted some messages by way of my system's QWK interface, but I 
have subsequently received a flurry of angry mail from people asking what the 
(expletive deleted) I have been doing, posting messages about paternity laws
in bionet groups, etc.
As it turns out, although I had been told that the QWKmail problem had been
fixed, I can only guess that it has not.
If, over the next few days, you happen to come across posts from me, which you
consider to be posted in inappropriate group, please do try to bear with me and 
please do notify me about (but if you're in a bad mood, it's best if you let
someone who's in a better mood, tell me about it ;-) ).
But, if anything, please realise that these are system problems - I am *not*
attempting to disrupt the net by sending messages to inappropriate newsgroups.
(As for how I sent *this* letter - I sent it directly with the POST command.
With any luck, *this* method might still work).
In the meanwhile, my Sysadmins have been notified, and will start work on the
problem as soon as possible.
Nevertheless, just to re-iterate, if anyone happens to see a badly-placed
post, it's not an attempt to be disruptive ; it's an accident.
Again, with apologies to everyone who has been inconvenienced (or who has
taken offense in some fashion).
P.S. : BTW, someone will probably wish to take offense at the fact that I used
such a wide distribution.  I did this, because I do not know the full extent
of the problem.  Granted, most of the complaints have come from bionet groups,
but I can't be sure if, say, some of my messages that *were* intended for
bionet, somehow ended up in misc.legal or some other strange place.
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