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Wed Sep 15 11:18:50 EST 1993

    PostDoctoral Position in Molecular Evolutionary Genetics

    The position is a two or three year appointment and will begin, 
ideally, sometime between December 1992 and June 1993.  The major 
research activities will be generating and analyzing data on DNA 
sequence variation from within and among species of Drosophila.  
Recent PhD's with interests in the genetics of speciation and 
genealogical models of evolutionary forces are encouraged to 
inquire.  The local intellectual environment at Rutgers is very 
research oriented and strong in both empirical and theoretical 
aspects of evolutionary biology.

Some recent papers:      
Hey, J. and R. M. Kliman. (1993). Population genetics and 
    phylogenetics of DNA sequence variation at multiple loci within and 
    among species of the Drosophila melanogaster complex. Molecular 
    Biology and Evolution 10:804-822.

Kliman, R. M. and J. Hey. (1993) DNA sequence variation at the 
    period locus within and among species of the Drosophila melanogaster 
    complex. Genetics 133: 375-387

Hey, J. 1992. Using phylogenetic trees to study speciation and 
    extinction. Evolution 46: 627-640.

Hey, J. 1991. The structure of genealogies and the distribution of 
    fixed differences between DNA sequence samples from natural 
    populations. Genetics 128: 831-840.  

Hey, J. 1991. A multi-dimensional coalescent process applied to 
    multi-allelic selection models and migration models. Theoretical 
    Population Biology 39: 30-48.

Jody Hey
Rutgers University
Nelson Labs
P. O. Box 1059
Piscataway, NJ  08855
phone 908-932-5272
fax: 908-932-5870
email: hey at mbcl.rutgers.edu

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