is it time yet for sci.bio.evolution?

Deaddog adelling at gold.ucs.indiana.edu
Thu Sep 30 22:03:22 EST 1993

In article <timi-300993154907 at kos4mac21.berkeley.edu> Tim Ikeda,
timi at mendel.berkeley.edu writes:
>Moderation is an excellent idea. What about automatic cross-posting
>to bionet.molbio.evolution as well?

Err, no thanks.

My brief stint on dullnet a few years ago convinced me that
it was primarily for humourless geeks.  I am not particularly
interested in debating whether or not controversy is 
'scientifically appropriate,' or whether or not sig.files
that do not conform to 'acceptable' standards should be

I'll take the noise here, thanks.  At least it's honest


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