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In Article <2ntd0k$jgn at gap.cco.caltech.edu> "robin at alumni.caltech.edu (Robert C. Colgrove)" says:
> more on quotations:
> at UCSF it was at one time de riguer to declaim at least once per talk
> in one's most stentorian tone: "...THE AWESOME POWER OF YEAST GENETICS.."
> quoting Chirs Guthrie or to note with Ira Herzkowitz that:
> Genetics is the technique of seeing what happens when you ask an organism
> to do the impossible.
I can't resist adding a story here.  It seems that a yeast geneticist and
a biochemist were kidnapped by terrorists while attending an international
meeting.  The terrorists announced that they were going to kill one of 
the two of them to show their determination, and then would use the other
as a hostage to gain their demands.  They informed the two terrified
scientists that they could plead for their lives; the yeast geneticist
went first.  He began "I would like to describe for you the awesome power
of yeast genetics..."
At which point the biochemist leaped up and said "FOR GOD'S SAKE, 
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