Quotations. (was: Re: Szent-Gyorgi quotation)

Robert C. Colgrove robin at alumni.caltech.edu
Tue Apr 5 23:15:15 EST 1994

more on quotations:
at UCSF it was at one time de riguer to declaim at least once per talk
in one's most stentorian tone: "...THE AWESOME POWER OF YEAST GENETICS.."
quoting Chirs Guthrie or to note with Ira Herzkowitz that:
Genetics is the technique of seeing what happens when you ask an organism
to do the impossible.

Moleuclar Biologists are besieged from all sides for their alleged shallowness.
There was that Gunter Stent put down from Cell a few years, deriding
molbio approaches to development: Thinking in one dimension.
And maybe the most famous, Chargaffs rejoinder:
Molecular Biology is practicing biochemistry without a license.

Of course, geneticists themselves have been accused of stifling orthodoxy
by those interested in cytoplasmic inheritance. This historical sentiment 
was echoed in Marc Kirschner's hyperbolic goad:
The Nucleus is an Artifact!

Perhaps, we need to archive this kind of stuff
in bionet.folklore... ;^)


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