Archaebacteria and the Three Kingdoms

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Mon Apr 11 12:54:12 EST 1994

badger at phylo.life.uiuc.edu (Jonathan Badger) writes:

>As a microbiology graduate student at the University of Illinois (Woese's
>home turf), I'm curious as how the detractors of the Three Kingdoms
>explain evidence such as the presence of TATA-binding proteins in the Archea
>that appear to be part of a eukaryotic-style TF IID complex (Marsh, et al.,
>1994). If the Archea are not more closely related to eukaryotes than bacteria,
>what do you suppose occurred? Horizontal gene transfer?

Two other articles noting possible similarities between archean 
and eukaryotic transcription machinery are:

	Ouzounis & Sander.  Cell 71:189  1992.
	Creti et al.  NAR 21:2942 1993.

(does someone have the complete Marsh citation handy?).

Perhaps we should wait until complete genomic sequences are available
from a eubacterium, archean, and eukaryote until we draw concrete

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