Archaebacteria and the Three Kingdoms

Doug Eernisse Doug_Ee at um.cc.umich.edu
Mon Apr 11 22:20:52 EST 1994

In article <robison1.766086852 at husc10.harvard.edu> 
Keith Robison, robison1 at husc10.harvard.edu writes:
>Perhaps we should wait until complete genomic sequences are available
>from a eubacterium, archean, and eukaryote until we draw concrete

Am I missing something or does anyone else think this is a basic
problem with not being able to say anything about the relative
cladistic branching pattern of a three taxon statement? That
is, without using rocks for an outgroup, and assuming each
of these is more or less a cohesive group itself (which may
not be true, for all I know).

Just curious,


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