question about evolution theory

Howard M. Bomze hb10+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Sun Apr 17 11:55:52 EST 1994

I believe that the types of things which can be learned by studying
metaloproteinases of more distantly related species will show what parts
of the protein (amino acid residues, stuctural motifs, etc...) are
important for metaloproteinases in general.  Let me try to explain this
a little better if I can.  Portions of the proteins which are conserved
among distantly related species, such as Mice, Flies and Worms, are
probably important for general protein function, such as metal binding
or catalytic cleavage.  However, something that is conserved among
closely related species, such as Chimps, Man and Orangatangs but not
other mamals, may be important for some function which is specific to
those species like a regulatory domain or substrate specificity.  You
Can then say that these Species are more closely related to each other
than they are to other mamals, or flies fish and worms, as this specific
function probably arose before these closely related species diverged
but after the divergence of mamals.  I hope this is clear, if it is not
write me back.

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