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> Is there a process where cells can be created (where none previously
> existed) that can be duplicated in a laboratory.  References please.
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If there were the originator would hold a Nobel prize.  However, there are
some interesting ideas on how to go about creating such a system.  People
have been working on this problem ever since Miller's 1953 paper and
probably before.  It would be especially interesting if someone were to try
reproducing Wachtershauser's ideas in the lab.  The references below are by
no means a complete listing of the literature just what I have on file.

Miller, S.L. 1953 A production of amino acids under possible primitive
earth conditions.  Science 117:528-529.

Miller, S.L. 1955.  Production of some organic compounds uder possible
primitive earth conditions.  J.Am.Chem.Soc. 77:2351-2361.

Wachterhauser, Gunter 1988.  Before enzymes and templates:  theory of
surface metabolism.  Micro. Rev. 52:452-484.

Cairns-Smith, A.G. 1982.  Genetic takeover and the mineral origins of life.
 Cambridge Univ. Press, N.

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