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									April 28, 1994

Dear Colleague,

     Enclosed are announcements for two positions that I hope you will bring to the attention of 
prospective applicants.

     1)  During September of 1994, the Department of Genetics at the University of Georgia will 
advertise a new, tenure-track assistant professorship in the area of Evolutionary Genetics/ 
Macroevolution.  We are especially interested in individuals who will add a broad evolutionary 
perspective (empirical, theoretical, or preferably both) to the department, and thereby 
complement our existing strengths in population and ecological genetics.  We are seeking someone 
who will be broadly interactive with students and faculty in the areas of evolutionary genetics, 
macroevolution, evolutionary ecology, behavioral evolution, or perhaps evolutionary systematics.  
Candidates should combine a strong conceptual focus with empirical field or laboratory research.  
In addition to establishing an active research program, the successful candidate will contribute to 
teaching at both the graduate and undergraduate levels in the areas of Biology and Evolution.

     Members of our faculty with research interests related to the area of the appointment include:

	Wyatt Anderson--  population genetics
	Jonathan Arnold--  mathematical and statistical genetics
	Mike Arnold--  ecological genetics
	Marjorie Asmussen--  theoretical population genetics
	John Avise--  molecular evolutionary genetics
	James Hamrick--  ecological genetics
	John McDonald--  molecular evolution
	Ken Ross--  population genetics and sociobiology
	Ron Chesser--  ecological genetics
	Mike Smith--  ecological and population genetics

     2)  The second position is for a postdoctoral associate in my lab.  I am looking for someone 
with a strong background in molecular laboratory techniques who also has a keen interest in 
population genetics and evolution.  

								Sincerely yours,

								John C. Avise
								Professor and
								Chair, Search Committee



POSITION:			Assistant Professorship, tenure track.

STARTING DATE:		September 15, 1995.

CLOSING DATE:		Applications should be postmarked by November 15, 

RESPONSIBILITIES:	Develop an active research program that combines a 
				strong conceptual orientation with empirical field or 
				laboratory research in evolutionary genetics, 	
				macroevolution, evolutionary ecology, behavioral 	
				evolution, or perhaps evolutionary systematics.  	
				Teaching responsibilities will involve participation 
				in graduate courses, as well as in Evolution and 	
				Biology courses at the undergraduate level.

QUALIFICATIONS:	A PhD is required and postdoctoral experience 	

SALARY:			Negotiable and competitive.

APPLICATION:		A letter of application should be accompanied by a 	
				curriculum vitae, a brief statement of research and 
				teaching interests, and selected reprints.  		
				Applicants should arrange to have three letters of 	
				recommendation sent directly to the address below.

SEND TO:			Evolutionary Genetics Search Committee
				Department of Genetics
				University of Georgia
				Athens, GA. 30602-7223

The University of Georgia is an 
Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.



     Available July 1, 1994 or January 1, 1995 to develop and utilize new 
laboratory approaches to generate molecular markers in the study of 
ecological or evolutionary genetics.  Preference will be given to candidates 
who combine strong laboratory skills in molecular genetics (e.g., nuances of 
PCR, micro-satellites, DNA fingerprinting, RFLP analyses) with backgrounds 
in ecology, evolution, or population genetics.  Send curriculum vitae, a brief 
statement of research interests, selected reprints, and three letters of 
recommendation to:  Dr. John C. Avise, Postdoctoral Position, 
Department of Genetics, University of Georgia, Athens, GA. 
30602-7223.  Application deadline is November 15, 1994.
     The University of Georgia is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action 

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