Thomas Ray -- where published?

John Sidles sidles at u.washington.edu
Fri Apr 29 14:22:01 EST 1994

Dear netfolks

At the Institute for Advanced Study, I heard Thomas Ray of the
University of Delaware give a wonderfully interesting talk on
his computer simulations of evolutionary processes.

On consulting INSPEC, I have not been able to find any publications
relating to this work.  Nor in our UW library catalog.  Can anyone
point me toward a published article?  Or even better, ftp-available
code?  I would like to share it with some of the Seattle area 
high-school level hackers.  A nice blend of biology, math, and physics.
Good for young people.

Replies to "sidles at u.washington.edu" please.  Thanks for the help.

SIncerely ... John Sidles

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