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In article <1994Nov30.000228.30771 at ac.dal.ca> ajduffy at is.dal.ca (Andrew Duffy) writes:
>I just started graduate school (an MSC, actually) here at Dalhousie 
>University in Halifax, NS.  My research involves application of molecular 
>techniques (microsatellite DNA analysis) to population biology and 
>potentially evolutionary biology.  I was wondering what sorts of 
>scientific societies relevant to my field I should consider joining, and 
>which of these have student memberships (and rates).  Thanks very much in 

You should consider joining SSE (Soc. Study Evol.) and SSB (Soc. Syst. 
Biol.) and SMBE (Soc. Mol. Biol. Evol.).

The membership rates for students in SSB are extremely cheap (US$ 12.50).
I don't know about the others.  Also, you get the journals with these
memberships in these societies.

Moreover, the SSB/SSE (&SMBE?) joint meeting is in Montreal this

Given that your interests appear to "micro"evolutionary, these seem to
be the most appropriate.  If they veer to the macroevolutionary, you might
want to consider the Willi Hennig Society too.

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