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Steven Sullivan sullivan at gwis2.circ.gwu.edu
Tue Dec 27 18:12:45 EST 1994

Daniel Storey (storey at rocket.cc.umr.edu) wrote:

: World peace?
: Darwin stated that evolution is dependent on survival of the fittest. War
: allows this to take place. All animals make war, we just have mastered
: the art of killing. I know that this sounds harsh, but the earth can only
: hold so many people before we all start to go hungry. War is population
: control. If we all start to "get along", we will al;l die within a few
: years of hunger. This can be seen in other populations. Deer for one. If
: we do not hunt them, they over populate and then starve. Think about
: things before you start to quote God.

Darwin was horrified by the use of his ideas to explain social 

Social "Darwinism", isn't.  Discuss.

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