Me again on Evolution

Daniel Storey storey at rocket.cc.umr.edu
Wed Dec 28 12:16:20 EST 1994

Thank you for your response to my letter. I hit the wrong button so it was
not posted in response to the "VISUALIZE WORLD PEACE" as it should have
been. It was a reactionary response to a left wing letter. Perhaps I
should explain my views, and the reason for those in a more logical manner.
   First I shall address some of the responses. One of you said that
Darwin was "horrified" that his teachings were being applied to humans.
This is where my beliefs and his part. We are part of the animal kingdom,
therefore we must live by its rules. I did not mean I believe in a forced
social Darwinism such as one like Hitler imposed in WWII. I am speaking of
the fittest live, the unfit die. In todays society, we engage in selective
breeding. In some cases this is good, but in most, it is bad. We are no
longer selecting for fit alleles, but rather unfit traits are allowed to
prosper. Because of this, most other animals shall be here a million years
from now (if we do not kill them first), where as we shall not. We are not
allowing our species to evolve. We deem it immoral. Darwinism will win
out, weather he, or we like it or not.
      Next, one of you said that animals have conflicts, not "wars".
Perhaps this is true, but you must remember, we define war, just as we
define morality. Animals do not have the means to travel over seas to
kill. The cause is the same, one group or individual feels threatened, so
the fight or flight kicks in. It is no different in humans, we just feel
threatened by different things.
     Another response I got was that we have hungry in this country etc..
I agree that we should concentrate on our home first and educate people so
that they can find work and not suck off the public (i feel that I must
qualify this by saying that I know that not all people are able to work,
but most on welfare can.) I do not wish to see my tax money go off to
another country, thereby allowing alleles that are unfit to survive.
     Finally, nature has a way of regulating itself. We will not destroy
the earth. It shall destroy us. There is only Cholera when there is a
large crowd of unsanitary people (except for truck and tractor pulls, but
those are a freak of nature), and there is only civil war when to many
people are crowded into a a small area (at least for the most part, it can
be traced back to this. And there will always be deseases that select for
a population and have no cure. In the evolutionary picture, it was said
that we are beyond evolution. This, I feel is true, and it is the start of
the finish for us.
    Again, I apologize if my first letter seemed harsh, It was ment to
illicite a response, which it did. If anyone wishes to discuss what I have
said, feel free to do so on the net or my address is
          storey at umr.edu

"Rainbows are visions, they're only illusions, and rainbows have nothing
to hide"


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