carrying capacity for humans

Helge Thygesen edb-ht at find2.denet.dk
Thu Dec 29 12:37:32 EST 1994

i read a newspaper article recently, saying that only 3% of the african
population is starving. it's hard to find reliable stats on this field.
But before discussing the numbers you must make sure exactly what you mean by "s"starving to death". Malnutriation may cause people to die from diseses that
they could otherwise have survived.
Anyway, the fact that some people are pore or even starve to death doesn't
imply that the world's carrying capacity has been exceeded. Starvation can
occur in areas that are not overcrowded. And the distribution of the human
population may not be optimal.

Unlike most other species, humans have an ability to ajust the environment
to their needs. Therefore, the carrying capacity for humans is not a constant.
Of course, there ARE limits to growth. But its not so easy to say where they


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