poor resolution of microsatellites

Patrick Weix weix at netcom.com
Wed Feb 2 18:34:35 EST 1994

This question and answer should probably be in Methods&Reagents but
here goes:
	I had the same difficulty with resolving allelotypes of simple
sequence length polymorphisms (SSLPs), some of which differ by just a
few bases. The solution that was suggested to me was to run the
samples on a Formamide/Urea Sequencing gel. 
	For a 100ml tot vol use:
		42g 	Urea
		10ml	38%/2% Acyl/Bis
		10ml	10xTBE
		40ml	deionized formamide
		H2O to 100mls.

Don't bother to prerun. Use 500microL of 10% APS and 75 microL of

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