Postdoctoral position available at INRA - France

Ines Foulhouze ines at jouy.inra.fr
Thu Feb 10 19:06:47 EST 1994

Postdoctoral position available immediately at the National Institute
for Agronomic Reseach of Antibes, France (Riviera). The project
concerns the identification of molecular markers-quantitative trait
loci (QTL) associations in a parasitic wasp. This is a 2 or 3-year
full-time position at a salary of approximately 120,000 FF (i.e.
about 23,000 USD) per year.  Applicants should have a Ph.D or
equivalent degree and experience or training in genetics, population
genetics and molecular biology. Send curriculum vitae, a statement of
research interests and 3 references to E. Wajnberg or F.
Vanlerberghe, INRA, Laboratoire de biologie des invertebres, Unite
biologie des populations, B.P. 2078, 06606 Antibes, France.
wajnberg at antibes.inra.fr or fvl at antibes.inra.fr

                        Eric Wajnberg
                        Centre de Recherche d'Antibes
        o__     ___     Laboratoire de Biologie des Invertebres
       _.>/ _    ___    Unite de Biologie des Populations
      (_) \(_)          I.N.R.A.
    ^`'~*-,\|/,-*~'`^   37, Bld. du Cap. 06600 Antibes. France.
                        Tel : (33)
                        Fax : (33)
                        e-mail : wajnberg at antibes.inra.fr


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