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pwlepp at miavx1.acs.muohio.edu pwlepp at miavx1.acs.muohio.edu
Tue Feb 15 10:45:29 EST 1994

        In the following two files you will find a uuencoded gif of a 3D
phylogenetic tree.  This is an idea I've been kicking around for a few months. 
I make no claim to the accuracy of any of the quantities along any of the
axes.  This is meant primarily as an educational tool.  I would love any
comments on the usefulnes or flaws of such a tree.  I would be especially
interested in any suggestions for measurements that could replace the
"diversity" axes.  I would also be interested in hearing about how to build
algorithms that could construct such a tree. Please send any correspondence to
lepppaul at studenL.msu.edu.

Paul Lepp

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