Brian Foley's Closing Quote

Larry Marshall lmarshal at pnfi.forestry.ca
Wed Feb 16 15:46:17 EST 1994

In <Pine.3.05a.9402160810.B27946-b100000 at bishop.bishop.hawaii.org> laurence at BISHOP.BISHOP.HAWAII.ORG (Linda Laurence) writes:

>It seems to me that if we didn't know what we were doing it might rather be
>called "search" not "research".

Doesn't it simply mean we're still looking (grin)?  Brian's
statement, which is used everywhere, it seems captures very 
well the risk associated with research.  These days many research
people are genuinely being confronted with administrator's lack
of understanding of that aspect of what we do and expect tight
scheduling as well as solid, predictable outcomes.  When science
gets to that point, we're not doing much in the way of research
any more and we tend to be doing a lot more engineering.

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