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In article <CLBpoH.2x5 at pnfi.forestry.ca> lmarshal at pnfi.forestry.ca (Larry Marshall) writes:
>In <1994Feb15.215402.9318 at emba.uvm.edu> brianf at med.uvm.edu (Brian Foley) writes:
>>: What are the current estimates on the total number of species of plant and 
>>: animal life in the world today?
>>	Oops.  In my first response I did not notice that you were only 
>>interested in plants and animals, not fungi, eubacteria, archaebacteria 
>>and other life forms.  We do have fairly good estimates of plant and 
>>animal species diversity.  I don't have the number handy though...  

 Let's not forget about all the invertebrates out there, especially marine
 inverts. I believe that inverts compose >95% of all animals or roughly
3/4 of all organisms known.
Other stats: 
        there are currently >1 million described species
	arthropods are ~85% of all animals (3/4 of these are insects)
	there are currently over 30 phyla (including 5-7 Protista) 

 As for how many species have been since the primordial soup, just remember
 that most species do not leave behind fossil evidence.

 All that said and done... What EXACTLY is a species? ;-)

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