Directed mutation in yeast

Jonathan Montagu jm at ambident.demon.co.uk
Sun Jan 9 14:35:19 EST 1994

I'm doing an A-level project on the effect of increasing adenine stress
on the directed back-mutation rate of adenine dependent yeast to wild type.
(in fact _Saccharomynes cerevisiae is used).  The project is closely
related to Cairns' work.

I was wondering whether anybody can tell me something of the latest
advances in this area.  What are the current theories explaining the
phenomenon?  I've read of B Hall's work indicating that mutation
of trpA and trpB genes in E. coli occur together 100 million times
more often than expected.  Any suggestions?

In fact, the study done last year indicated that the observed increase
in mutation rate to wild type is primarily an age effect.

If anybody has e-mail addresses for Cairns (Harvard) or Hall 
(University of Rochester) I would be grateful - I'm quite new to
the network - not too sure how to find that sort of info.

What sort of litterature is available?

Thanks for your time. 

   |onathan  Montagu

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