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Tue Jan 11 11:52:05 EST 1994


DATE:  March 18, 1994 

PLACE: Los Angeles, University of Southern California, Davis Auditorium (GER) 


8:15 a.m.  Coffee in DRB 251

9:00 a.m.  Neal Copeland
	   Nature of genome rearrangements identified by human/mouse comparative 
           Mammalian Genetics Laboratory, National Cancer Institute 

9:45 a.m.  David Sankoff
	   Mathematical Research Center,  University of Montreal

10:30 a.m. Coffee Break  

10:40 a.m. Mary Beth Cosner 
           Interpretation of complex chloroplast genome rearrangements in the   
           angiosperm family  Campanulaceau  
           Department of Biology 
           Indiana University, Bloomington  

11:25 a.m. John Kececioglu  
           Efficient bounds for oriented chromosome inversion distance 
           Department of Computer Science,  University of California at Davis

12:10 a.m. LUNCH

2:00 p.m.  Pavel Pevzner 
	   Genome Rearrangements and Sorting by Reversals
	   Department of  Computer Science and Engineering, Pennsylvania State  

2:45 p.m.  Eugene Koonin 

	   Evolution of viruses by genome rearrangements. 
	   NLM/NIH  National Center for Biotechnology Information

3:30 p.m   Coffee Break 

3:40 p.m.  Dan Gusfield
	   Reconstructing a history of recombinations from a set of sequences.
           Department of Computer Science, University of California at Davis 

4:35 p.m.  Vineet Bafna
	   Approximation algorithms for genome rearrangements: inversions,  
           transpositions and evolution of chloroplast, mitochondrial and viral
	   Department  Computer Science and Engineering,  Pennsylvania State 

5:10 p.m.  Michael Waterman
	   General Discussion and Brief Communications
	   Department of Mathematics and Molecular Biology, University of 
           Southern California 

The mini-symposium is organized by Pavel Pevzner (Penn State), David Sankoff 
(U. of Montreal) and Michael Waterman (USC) and supported by the Sloan 
Foundation and the National Science Foundation. To request time  for a brief 
(10 minute) communication, contact Pavel Pevzner at pevzner at cse.psu.edu 
(phone  (814) 863-3599). Denny Research Building (DRB) is located at the 
corner of 36th Place and Vermont.  The Davis Auditorium is located in the 
Gerontology Building (GER), adjacent to parking structure near DRB. If you 
drive, enter USC at this corner (Gate 6), and parking will be arranged. 
Within walking distance of the USC is the University Hilton (213) 748-4141.  
For other information about the USC campus contact Kengee Lewis at 
klewis at hto.usc.edu or call (213) 740-2409.

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