DNA heterozygosity

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Thu Jan 13 13:35:45 EST 1994

In article <2h3qjm$24m at hahn.informatik.hu-berlin.de>,
Dirk Balfanz <balfanz at informatik.hu-berlin.de> wrote:
>has anybody out there got any figures from any recent publications, or 
>even old (if reliable) that show heterozygozity of the human genome for
>1) protein coding sequences (exons)
>2) intervening sequences (introns)
>3) noncoding regions

Li, W-H. and L.A. Sadler. 1991.  Low nucleotide diversity in man. Genetics
129: 513-523.

The authors of this paper looked through the databanks for genes that had
been sequenced more than once, and came up with estimates of nucleotide
diversity for exons, introns, etc.  One of the take-home messages was that
nucleotide diversity in humans was very poorly known.  I don't know if
there are more recent papers on the subject.

John H. McDonald
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